Market survey of GF (Growth Factor) in Taiwan

Date of survey --- 2009/09/18

Price in NT $32 vs US $1


Chiou Lan whitening serum 30 cc NT $15,700
Ku Go 3 GF 30 cc    NT $ 8,000
Natural Beauty 1 GF 30 cc     NT $19,000
Revive 1 GF 30 cc    NT $6,800
Revive 8 GF 30 cc    NT $60,000

LGO Hui Vege 40 cc                                 NT $4,780
Stem Cell A1 1 GF 10 cc                           NT $4,850
Stem Cell A1 1 GF 30 cc                           NT $10,600
BioBeauty 1 GF 30 cc                               NT $5,500
ABC Beauty Med 40 cc                              NT $6,000
Dr. Mainz 1 GF 15 cc                                NT $2,280
Estee Lauder Seaweed 30 cc                      NT $9,500
Luminese 248 GF 15 cc                             NT $4,500

The GF product in the market is 1 ~ 8 GF,


Luminese of Jeunesseglobal is 248 GF, Do you see The difference?


This unique technology is human Fat Stem Cell GF is hypoallergenic, communicate with human aged tissues to revive Elastin, Collagen and secrete hydraunlic acid actively without injection.


One bottle Luminesce can substitute 5 bottles of our daily use of product such as: Toner, Eye cream, Serum, Whitening and Antipigmentation.


So, what are you waiting for?

             Q & A with Dr. Nathan Newman

Kim: Welcome everyone we have Dr. Nathan Newman, a world renown cosmetic surgeon with us, so dr. Newman once again welcome to the call.
Dr. Newman could you share with us how this amazing product, Luminesce, has come about?

Dr. Newman: Basically what I focused on is fat and I have been dealing with fat for many, many years and trying to figure out how to use it to replenish our faces. With age we loose the fat and we look aged. We found that fat contains the most amount of stem cells than any other part of our body so the most concentrated amount of stem cells are in the fat.
We looked what we can do to use these stem cells for cosmetic surgery, for wound healing and when we were using them in the studies for wound healing we found that the skin got better.
When we were doing reconstructive surgery for cancer patients We found the skin was getting better and we went to the lab looked where our stem cells were, we looked at what we were growing it in, we looked at what was being produced and we figured that if we can take this and put it on the skin we will improve it And when we did that, what we thought was going to happen did happen and we got improvements in skin diseases, we got improvement in (healing) skin wounds and people were using it on the skin who did not have any skin problems, started noticing that skin was getting better was feeling , was getting rejuvenated, that lines were getting less noticeable and that’s how it came about.

Kim: Dr. Newman, let’s do this because of time constrains I have a list of questions that were collected from the callers from around the world. Let me go over the questions we have. Dr. Newman can you share with us and describe, because lot of people are laymen, such as myself, can you describe to us: What exactly is adult stem cell technology?

Dr. Newman: Adult stem cell is very different than embryonic stem cell. Adult stem cell it means it comes from human being already born and living. We’re taking the stem cells that are found in fat of humans and not embryos, so that does not have any of the controversy or any of the ethical or moral issues associated with it. Those stem cells are able to do many, many things in the body: they can make bones, they can make cartilage, they can make fat, they can do a lot of repair and rejuvenation of the tissues.
When we take those adult stem cells, and we put them in the laboratory and we grow them they communicate with one another and they talk to one another through cytokines and interleukins and prostaglandins and growth factors and that is how they talk to each other and tell each other what to do, how far to grow, how much to grow; and that’s what we take and that’s what we put in the Luminesce and that’s why it works because we’re giving the body the communication, the language that it needs to repair itself.

Kim: Dr. Newman because we’re all laymen here, when you say that the stem cells come from an adult fat lot of people ask whose fat do they come from? And also does the product actually contain stem cells in it and if so what are the chances of DNA transfer from dormant viruses?
Dr. Newman: Very good question. The product itself does not have any cells in it. There is no stem cells in the product. What has is what the stem cells have produced. The stem cells come from my patients basically who I did treatments on and we take the fat and take the stem cells and we grow them in the laboratory. We check the patients for the viruses to make sure that they are not infected and they are healthy and at the lab they also check every cells batch that were taken to the lab they periodically check for viruses, for bacteria for fungus to make sure that there is nothing there, so when we’re getting the product there is no cells in it so there is no DNA in it, there is no infections in it. There is no live tissue.

Kim: Excellent, Excellent. Also what is the condition media consists of, you know we’re talking about you grow the stem cells in the laboratory so what is so called special sauce that is universally used as the condition media for the stem cells?
Dr. Newman: In order for the stem cells to survive outside the body and to grow we have to have a special medium call ed “condition media” This medium is what we use to grow the cells but there are different ways and different methods and we have a special method to ensure that we get the products that we want for the skin so that it makes the skin get its nutrients and the growth factors and interleukins and cytokines that it needs to make it look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Kim: Wow, I see now. Because it is such an amazing product does the product have expiration date or does it go bad?
A Dr. Newman: Expiration date is based on every country and every state, whatever their regulation is.
Generally these things once we make formulated it lasts for many, many years; it can last two to five years; but it just depends on the manufacturing and the laws of the country are but if you keep it in nice normal room temperature environment it’ll last you two to five years.

Kim: Two to five years, excellent, excellent now also lots of people ask: you have such a wonderful product does our delivery system can penetrate the skin epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer?
Dr. Newman: Very good question. The product has a small molecular level. All the things that we’re talking about that stem cells produce they’re very small so they can penetrate very easily into the skin. They can.. The molecular level is much, much smaller than even the collagen that the stem cells produce so it can penetrate easily because of the size and because of the formula that we have ensures that it gets penetrated and it goes deep wherever we want it to go into the skin to do the rejuvenation effect.

Kim: Wow so the delivery system can deliver the stem cells to repair and improve the protection collagen down at the cellular level?
Dr. Newman: Yes.

Kim: Wow. Also does the stem cell technology interact with our natural body processes that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin?
Dr. Newman: That’s how we believe it rejuvenates the tissues because it tells the cells to repair themselves and renew themselves. So when you are aging the sun damage and just the wear and tear on the skin and on the cells decrease the collagen and decreases the elasticity, but when you’re doing this, it is telling the cells to recreate those structures. So the idea is that it will recreate it. Now I’ve never taken anybody’s face to cut on it to do the study on it; if anybody is interested in volunteering to do it so that we can send it to the lab I will be happy to do it. But when we do those studies in the lab because we want to show that it works on the molecular level. We don’t need to do it here because we can see actually in the face itself on the grand level we can see that it is changing. So we know that it is doing that at the molecular level.

Kim: Yeah, I noticed the difference on my face. Now because it is such a wonderful product, and what are the results?
Dr. Newman: We did clinical tests to show that it works and the results, I believe, are going to be posted on the website so that people can read in details, but there was the clinical study that was done originally, and now we’re doing more clinical result tests because we see more results than we’ve expected and we’re going to publish those as well. So that are the things we’re trying to do to show that how well it works and how fast it works because most people when they use it, they see results pretty quickly, but we recommend for people to use it at least one month before they can determine whether it works for them or not.

Kim: You recommend that people use it for one month for some people that is such high tech product and new, some people ask if there is any problem from continuous usage of this product?
Dr. Newman: Product is there to maintain your skin’s youthfulness so the longer you use it the more benefits you’re going to get because it is cumulative, so the more your cells are able to rejuvenate themselves and renew themselves the younger you’re going to look and the longer the results will last.

Kim: Wonderful, wonderful. So a lot of people ask what is the best way to apply this serum?
Dr. Newman: The serum comes in pre-measured pumps so that every pump they do gives you a specific measure of the product and one of those pumps should be enough to do a face around the eyes and most areas that we notice aging. If someone has a larger area that they want to treat they can do a couple of pumps to their face to actually cover the whole area. I’ve had people use it all over their body; some use it on their legs, some use on their hands and the skin improvements, but the majority changes you will start to see around the eyes then it is going to be on the wrinkles around the forehead and on the face. If you use more of it nothing bad is going to happen it does not have any irritation that comes from it, but you’re going to run out of the product sooner.

Kim: Heh, heh, heh That’s going to be a beautiful thing, heh, heh. Also in terms of the possible…. ??? some people use popular brands like Obaji some type of alpha hydroxy, whatever –oxy, can they at the same time use our serum? Will it interact with other products?
Dr. Newman: They can use the other products that they want. The maim thing that they have to do with this product is to put his product right after they wash their face, because this product, like I said, the molecular level of this product is so small that if you put anything beforehand, you’ll block it from going into the skin. So you want to put this on first and then you can put your other products on.
The other products are not going to do anything bad to this product, or give you any allergic reaction or irritation, There is no acid per se in this product like Obaji has salicylic and glycolic acid.

Kim: So ours will not interfere with their and will not irritate anything.
Dr. Newman: No, no. I had people using it with my products, with their own products

Kim: Wonderful, You mentioned after we wash our face can we use toner first? But you recommend after thy wash their face thy use this product first.
Dr. Newman: Depending what the toner is; is it like a wipe or is it just a wash it is fine, they can d the toner and then can put this on, but they should not put any creams or serums before they put on this one. So they can do the wash, the toner and they can do that.

Kim: After washing the face I would say, I put the serum because the molecular structure is so small that it can penetrate my skin better. Correct?
Dr. Newman: Correct.

Kim: Wonderful, We’re going to move on to some more specific questions, because many people have sent emails that I want to make sure that those questions are answered. Some people that have hair removals, how soon after hair removal can someone use Luminesce?

Dr. Newman: Right after.

Kim: Wow!
Dr. Newman: This, like I said, this was originally developed as wound healing product.

Kim: A wound healing product?
Dr. Newman: Right. We took the stem cells and we did wound healing; we saw that skin was getting better. So we can take things that we do to our skin, let’s say they do laser hair removal, they do chemical peel, they do micro derma abrasion, they do facial, They get a scrape somewhere; when they put this on it it’s going to help heal faster.

Kim: Wow. So people have derma abrasion, some sort of peeling and it is red and they put on Luminesce it somehow will actually help to diminish the redness?
Dr. Newman: Yes, the redness will go away, the skin will heal faster. People will get peel, the wax of their body or of their face and sometime get a little burn, they put a little (Luminesce) on and they’ll heal a lot faster and a lot better.

Kim: Wow. Because some people when they do like this bad peel, whatever, you know if they put Luminesce on will it sting their face?
Dr. Newman: Depends how dry, how cracked their skin is, it may sting a little bit for a few seconds, it’ll heal it a lot better because they have taken off all those layer it’ll penetrate deeper now, it can work faster so they can get faster results with it.

Kim: so it will not only diminish the redness it will actually help the skin to recover. Is that correct?
Dr. Newman: Yes, yes.

Kim: Wow. That is powerful. Now lots of people wanted to know approximately when they see the difference in texture, the wrinkles, what not, approximately how long does the product take to achieve approximately the most desirable or maximum results? How long does it normally take?
Dr. Newman: There is not such thing as maximum results. The more you use it the more benefit you’re going to get the longer you’re going to maintain your results because we do not stop aging, so you’re going to do maintenance on your skin just as you do maintenance on everything else. But in order to see decent ( results) give it decent amount of time so that you see that it works; I would do a minimum of four weeks. So after four weeks you should see some improvement. Generally it takes four months to six months for most products to do change in the molecular structure of the cells to see the difference in collagen, elastin, because it takes three to six months for them renew the collagen and elastin.

Kim: I see. Now we have one of the users that are on the product, they have been using the product for six weeks twice a day for six weeks, they still have some small brown spots. They have seen the improvement in the lifting, and also in the pore reduction and also the lines are softening but they see some brown spots are still there, they ask at what point they will diminish. Can you comment on that one?
Dr. Newman: Sure, the brown spots are different problem, they’re more difficult to get rid off. It depends what kind of brown spots it is; Is it from the sun or from the hormones or is it a combination, or if it is actually the growth on the skin that looks a bit dark, so it hard to treat in just four weeks or six weeks just as this person. Some times it takes longer for these to get rid off and if it is dark we may need to add a lightening agent or peeling agent to help to get that dark spot to come off sooner.

Kim: Now, so what about age spots? Does this product help and if it does approximately how long will we see an improvement?
Dr. Newman: Most of people who have used noticed some improvement but it wasn’t the main point; so if they’re going to buy it just for the brown spots and that’s how they ‘re going to use it that is not going to give the major results that they want as fast as we can get combination of this plus other agents and that’s something that we are working on to develop because we know that’s a big thing for most people. But it does lighten them and people have seen about 10 to 20 % those dark spots lightening once they used it for 3 months.

Kim: Hmm, wonderful. But also since this product stimulates growth of cells some people ask: Is there any danger of replicating cancerous cells for those people that have cancerous cells?
Dr. Newman: Very good question. There is a big difference between growth factors and growth hormones. What most people use for rejuvenation : the injects or the pills or whatever they do (includes) growth hormones. Those hormones may stimulate growth of any cell including cancer cells. Growth factor and all the other products that are there cytokines, interleukines are actually there to destroy bad cells, so probably you’re going to get less cancer cells: they’re going to destroy bad cells and replace them with healthier cells over time by doing this, because of all the different factors that are in there.

Kim: Wow. So let me get this straight: I am a layman, not a doctor, so let me make sure I understand this properly: this product not only helps my skin to produce healthier cells, it actually helps me to get rid of bad cells?
Dr. Newman: When we do the wound healing that’s what it is doing; it is making things heal so if you’re putting it on normal skin, if you have a damaged cell, the idea is that it will replace it and get it healed. I am not suggesting that you use it as a cancer treatment, but if you’re trying to maintain your healthy skin, this is the way to do it with the most advanced technology that we have today.

Kim: Wow! That’s powerful. Now you also mentioned briefly about growth factor. I have read some of our literature saying that we, in this product Luminesce, have over 200 growth factors. You know a lot of people are not too familiar with growth factors. Maybe you know in the market place in some of the finer department stores. Usually, to your knowledge, how many growth factors are normally in upscale skin products line?
Dr. Newman: That’s why this product is so unique. There is no product out there that has anything that that resembles this. There is no product out there that has from your own body’s stem cells growth factors and interleukines and cytokines and matrix proteins; all the good things that are produced by the stem cells. No other product has it When you go out there, I’ve seen on the internet they are getting stem cells derived from apples or from some plants. That’s not really going to do anything for the skin because there is no communicating with your own cells; we don’t communicate using those factors; we have different factors that we use. So there is nothing really out there to compare it to: It is very unique product.

Kim: Wow! I was told, I heard somewhere I was traveling most some people say most skin products in more upscale skin line have maybe approximately eight to nine growth factors, if at all, in their products. According to your knowledge is it true?
Dr. Newman: Like I said, the are using plant derived stuff, not using human stem cells derived stuff. So they may have them in there but not get the same results. You’re going to get better because of the plant derived stuff has acids in it and they have antioxidants in it but they are not communicating with your cells.

Kim: Can you briefly share with us what does 200 growth factors do? What is growth factor and what do they do?
Dr. Newman: There are not only growth factors; there are all those different things interleukines, cytokines. What they do is they basically are the language of the cells so they talk to each other. They say: All right, there is inflammation here; we need to get rid of this inflammation. This place does not have enough blood supply so we need to bring more blood vessels and build new bridges, over here it is a bit weak, so we need to build a little bit more collagen here. So that’s what it does: it goes in there and communicates with cells. It says: oh, I see that your blood supply is low, let’s bring it back to where it should be and that’s what those factors are doing. It is very complicated, even the scientists have not really figured out how all these cells communicate with each other, what each specific factor does in the whole scheme of things. It is very, very difficult even for the scientists to decipher all of that.

Kim: That certainly is amazing product for I am hearing right now and certainly for my own usage for one month I am seeing dramatic improvement on my own skin and many people around me. Also there is a question that just came up on my screen (we’re doing live call around the world) The question has already been answered but here it is again in two parts: Part1: Whose stem cells we’re using for this product; who is the donor? Part 2: Is there any risk of transmitting disease or genetic coding through the use of this product or technology? Can you tell one more time clearly see that we can address it once and for all?
Dr. Newman: Most of the cells come from my patients’ stem cells when I was doing procedures where we were taking the fat out and use their stem cells, so we know, before we do this. We test them and we make sure that they are not ill and they don’t and they don’t have any viruses that they can transfer. Then we took these cells to the laboratory.
There they got processed, got tested, they got screened for viruses, hepatitis, HIV, micro bacteria and they are tested on a routine basis. Besides all that, they go through rigorous cleaning and there is to get the product from these a whole process that goes through to get the product from these cells. So once we get these products, we make sure that there is no cells, there is no live cells within the product; It is all just cytokines, growth factors and all the good things that we want, that cells communicate with. That’s what we take and put in the bottle; we don’t put any of the stem cells, we don’t put any of the genetic products, the DNA or any other things that could possibly go in there. Everything in the bottle that we are using for the product they are not live (cells), they are basically just the by-product of the cells. So there are very strict guidelines that we’ve put in place to make sure that there is no risk for infection to anyone from this product. This product is much safer than most products that are out there, because none of those are tested continuously and we are testing it. So if they have a batch that is infected with bacteria or a batch that is contaminated, putting it on your skin, you’re going to get a break out, you’re going to get infection. But we’re really stringent in testing and making sure that there is nothing in there that we could pass to anybody.

Kim: Wonderful. What effect does this product have on those skin types that are prone to develop keloids?
Dr. Newman: Ah, very good question, At first we thought we’re going to use it for the keloids once they’ve developed to treat it. We’ve used for some and some people responded a little bit and some people didn’t respond depending how big and thick and how old the keloid is. A keloid is basically, for those who don’t know, is just a scar that is overgrown, that is thick and not flat. So what we’re noticed if we used it early enough, once you just get the cut and start to use it right after the skin starts to heal, not when it is open , but right after the skin closes and starts to heal and you start to use Luminesce. That’s when you get better healing results and you get less scarring that you would have without Luminesce, by itself.

Kim: We actually have a few testimonials from people that have scars that have actually seen an improvement. Now, we have also a lot of testimonials that it actually has helped with acne and stretch marks as well. Can you comment briefly about that?
Dr. Newman: Sure. Like I said, because of the fact that this product contains this language that the cells use to communicate with one another. It works to decrease the inflammation and when you get acne you get inflammation or when you have rosacea. You put it on and it starts to heal the tissue, so that’s why it works on those things. For stretch marks again if you do it when it is fresh and just tearing. You go in there (with this product) and it takes out the inflammation., it starts to repair the cells so don’t get stretch marks to become really seen and loose and wrinkled.
Overtime you can fill up some of the collagen, some of the elastic tissue and to smooth some of that scarring that’s on there.

Kim: Wow! Now, speaking of those stretch marks; it is an issue with pregnant women because you know, it is very easy to get stretch marks as you are carrying big belly. Can pregnant women use Luminesce on their belly?
Dr. Newman: I think that should be addressed with their doctors to see how they feel, because when you’re pregnant it depends how conservative you are. There is nothing in the product that would harm the baby so they can use it if they want. I would have them ask their doctor to make sure that it’s OK.

Kim: Wonderful. Last technical question: Have before and after punch biopsies been done to demonstrate scientifically the efficacy of this product formulation?
Dr. Newman: I briefly touched on that before. When we’ve done the studies, we’ve done it clinically. We saw that we were seeing changes so dramatically on the skin so we didn’t feel that we need to go and do microscopic examination to see that it was making changes because you can see it right away. The reason we didn’t do the punch biopsy studies is because it leaves scar when you cut on the face. If somebody wants to volunteer and come do a study, I’ll be happy to do it but there is a little scar that comes from doing it. That is why we have not done it.

Kim: Got you, got you. I know that it is so helpful to a lot of people. I am actually very simple layman and the way I see it working: you try it, you use it and see the difference. It is amazing. So in closing, Dr. Newman, it is safe to say that it is the world first adult stem cell technology serum out there?
Dr. Newman: This is the one and only that I know of, that has been truly made in the laboratory. I know, people talk about all sort of stem cells from plants. But they are not this product. This product is (from) human adult stem cells, not to be confused with anything else. There is nothing like it. It is unique because it is from humans so it can communicate with cells set in our bodies to do what needs to be done to heal us and to make us healthier and more youthful.

Kim: That’s so powerful. And Dr. Newman, Thank you for your time and thank you for coming out with this incredible product to Jeunesse Global. Folks, you know, there you have it. For all those who have more questions, feel free to email the company. We’ll be compiling a list of Q and A’s and we will make that available on the website.
Keep in mind folks, we’re a month old and we already get pictures of stretch marks diminishing; we’re collecting so many pictures of people with eye bags. You can actually see eye bags diminish.
Not only we have cutting edge (rejuvenation technology) but also financial opportunity.

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